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Leather & Plastic Cleaner 22oz - Malco

Leather & Plastic Cleaner 22oz - Malco

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  • DEEP CLEANING: Special penetrating formula cleans all the way down to the pores, easily removing dirt, grime and oily soils.
  • LIKE-NEW APPEARANCE: Restores the appearance of leather, plastic and vinyl to look brand new again. Leaves a luxurious, film-free luster when wiped away.
  • VERSATILE: Great for cleaning steering wheels, shift knobs and arm rests.
  • VOC COMPLIANT & BODY SHOP SAFE: Free from harmful solvents and any chemicals that could interfere with further detailing.
  • MUST FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS ON BOTTLE LABEL: Test colorfastness on an inconspicuous area first. Discontinue use if color changes. Spray onto a cloth, sponge, or applicator pad (DO NOT apply directly to material) and wipe onto the surface to be cleaned. Dry with a clean cloth.
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