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Jet Ceramic Spray Coating - Jade Ceramic 12oz

Jet Ceramic Spray Coating - Jade Ceramic 12oz

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Graphene Ceramic spray

Graphene Ceramic Spray is a transparent, crystalline coating that offers a hydrophobic effect along with protection. The spray is a detailer that protects your ride from weather, chemicals, and UV rays while simultaneously repelling water and contaminants such as dirt. CSC delivers a hard 7H durable film coating offering 1 year of protection with deep reflective shine. Graphene Ceramic Spray offers the same surface protection and durability as our ceramic coatings, in a convenient spray format.

✓Premium surface protection for 1 year

✓Authentic graphene ceramic delivers increased hydrophobic properties

✓Optimum gloss levels

✓Increased surface hardness

✓Contains light UV filters

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