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Nano Seat Protect w/New Car Smell - Nasiol

Nano Seat Protect w/New Car Smell - Nasiol

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Nasiol Nano Seat Protect serves as a barrier between the fabric surface of the interior of your vehicle and from aggressors that can potentially cause damage, such as spilled drinks, muddy shoes, and wet outfits.

Nasiol Nano Seat Protect, with its fresh fragrance, is the solution that will protect the seats of your vehicle from stain- causing invaders while offering a fresh scent as a bonus.

Heavy-duty stain defender formulated using the latest advancements in nanotechnology, with a long-lasting new car fragrance in a portable spray bottle.


  • Blocks stains from penetrating the fabric.
  • Formula is combined with NASIOL NEW CAR SMELL fragrance.
  • Non-allergic and toxic free formula.
  • One application lasts up to 4 months/5 washes with approved detergents.


Upholsteries, carpets, door panel covers, headliners and convertible roofs of vehicles. Do not use on surfaces other than fabric like interior trims, leather, glass, stone, and wood. If wrongly used wipe down surface totally with a dry microfiber cloth.


  • Surfaces should be dry and free of any dust, stain, and other contamination. Application should be made in a shaded area. Application area should be ventilated well.
  • The product is sprayed approximately 80-100mL for a 1m². Spray with a standard Nasİol CabinCare bottle till the surface becomes slightly wet.
  • Wait for 24 hours for drying and curing period. Effect of product can change with respect to fabric type. Make a spot test on hidden part of your fabric.
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